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Renaria B. lives in Toronto with her husband and her Devon Rex cat.

Unapologetically Me

I hid the truth, I was weak
Didn’t really mean to concede
I’m my own worst enemy
Still I speak what I bleed

Therapy sometimes leads
To analyze family seeds
It doesn’t mean that my dreams
Have a Freudian theme

My brain it feels the need
For speed like McQueen
But my lonely mind disease
Is stable, praise be!

I still worship the church
Of heavenly trees
Stimulants are big money
But clarity isn’t free

What you see is what you get
When dealing with me
Cause the obvious to me
Gets spit honestly

I greet people in the street
Depressed or happy
I’m told my smile it needs to be
Less bubbly and friendly

I can’t give you empathy
And so now I’ll just leave
This rhyme tragically

Renaria B.

Author Renaria B.

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