About the Book

SCAR CITY is about revisiting trauma and dark places, coping, the processing period, and finally, healing, all told in poetic form.
It also addresses violence against women/individuals and mental health.

SCAR CITY contains dark themes, yet the message is inspirational – It is an emotionally raw and honest release of my inner demons.

This is also a story about freedom…and I will tell you why.

In late November, 2019, I had a conversation with an old friend about trauma.
I spoke some words that I had never allowed to escape my lips before.
I could see them floating awkwardly in the air, unaware and almost as fresh as the day they were born.
They nagged at me for days, until I let the memories seep through painful ink onto beautiful pure white paper.

I wrote and wrote and wrote until my hand hurt and my heart was drained, until the paper was stained with old, and also fresh, new tears of shame.
And then…I shared those words with friends.

After that, I decided to share them with you so that you could see that you are not alone and that you too, can rid yourself of the heaviness of secrets that we all carry and choose to protect.
This is my story…well, part of it anyway, and I am here to tell you that we can make a change in this world, and that starts with you and I…It starts from within.

You are not damaged.
You are not used goods.
And you are not someone else’s property.
You are reborn, if you choose to be.
You are me and I am you, and together we are stronger than any of those who have hurt us.
Unleash the truth, forgive yourself, and be free.
It’s ok to acknowledge it, and it’s ok to let it go.

This is my story.
This is your story
This is our story.
And this is why
My story
Is in fact,


Scar City by Renaria B.