Scar City

By Renaria B.


Have you ever lost your power?
Reliving scenes of the last hour
Cowering naked in the shower
In dirty tears and bloody water

Have ever wished the enemy,
Ignored the shame in your dignity?
Always yearning to feel whole

Like the puzzle pieces of your soul
Have you ever longed for kindness
And found that love is a blindnesss…?

In honour of the “#metoo” movement, my first book “SCAR CITY” is about my experiences with sexual violence, addiction and mental health. 

It is also about my journey in overcoming all of the above, expressed in poetic form…and a whole lot of forgiveness. 

By sharing our stories openly and without shame, it is my belief that we are strengthening and reawakening our shared power as survivors of sexual abuse and assault. 


Scar City by Renaria B.

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